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How it works


Step 1


Our online form makes it easy to get started with your tax refund application. We need the usual contact
information like name, address & phone number. We also need your IRD number, bank account number
and drivers license details if you have one - so have this handy when you're applying.
Get started now!

Step 2


Once you fill in the form, our team will automatically get a notification from our system, and if you're due
a refund, we'll lodge it with IRD on the same day. If you're not due a refund we will let you know, and you
won't be charged a fee. We don't generate tax bills - so if we discover that you owe money, we won't
ask you to pay this, and IRD won't chase you up as a result of our check.

Step 3


Once IRD has confirmed the refund amount, we will arrange for it to be put into your bank account
as soon as possible, leaving you to enjoy your hard-earned money. We'll take our fee straight from your 
refund, so we don't get paid until you do. 
You can view the progress of your refund application at any
time by logging into your member's area on our website.


Will I get a tax refund?

If you are a salary or wage earner, tax is deducted off your pay and sent to IRD each month.
The amount of tax actually deducted from your pay is likely to be a bit more than you needed to pay.
The bottom line is that IRD don't want to be chasing people at the end of the year, so the system is set up to ensure that IRD owes you money and not the other way around.
And that's where we come in ... we chase IRD on your behalf to get you what you are owed.

How do I get started?

Please fill in our online form.
We need to get some simple information off you like your name, address and date of birth.
You may need to look up some other information we need, such as your drivers license and version number, your IRD number and your bank account number.
We need your drivers license number and version number to confirm your identity.
We need your bank account number so that we can pay you your refund.
After you fill in the online form, that's normally all you need to do - but occasionally we may be in touch with you to collect some additional information.
IRD will send you a letter to confirm that Monsta Tax Refunds Limited are your tax agent and will be preparing your tax return & PTS.

When will I know if I'm getting a tax refund?

Once you fill in the form, our team will automatically get a notification.
We access your information and the IRD website, and determine if you qualify for a tax refund.  We do this for the current tax year, and the previous four tax years.  Often we will find out that you are due tax refunds for multiple years.
We then email you with the good news.
You should know normally within 24 hours whether you qualify for a refund or not.

What happens if I don't qualify for a tax refund? 

Chances are you will qualify for a tax refund, and sometimes multiple years worth of tax refunds.
However, if you are not due a refund, you have nothing to worry about:
  • If you are not due a refund, we will let you know and you won't be charged a fee.
  • If you are not due a refund, we will not generate a tax bill, and having us calculate your tax position will not result in the IRD chasing you.
  • If you are not due a refund and are required by IRD to file an IR3, we will invoice you for the IR3 prior to filing the return.

When will I receive my tax refund?

Once we file your tax return with IRD, you can expect a wait of between 1 and 10 weeks before IRD release your refund.
The usual wait time is 1 to 2 weeks, but there are times of the year when the wait is a lot longer.  For instance, IRD generally don't release refunds until mid June/early July, so if you complete the online form in early April, you are likely to have a wait of a couple of months before your refund is processed.

What fees do I pay to Monsta Tax Refunds?

Our fees are capped at $45 for a PTS, $95 for an IR3 tax return and $45 for a donation IR526 form.
- If you are a landlord and require an IR3 for your rental property, a cost of $275 inc gst will be invoiced prior to the work being done.
These prices are all per year. If we discover that you qualify for multiple years worth of tax refunds, then you will be charged per return prepared.
Our fee structure per tax return is as follows;
- No refund, no fee.
- For refunds under $90, the fee will be half of your refund.
- There will be a $45 cancellation fee applied if after applying you decide not to carry on with our service after work has begun. 


When do I pay my fee to Monsta Tax Refunds?

You don't pay us a cent until your refund is released by IRD.
Once IRD approve your refund, we deduct our fee from the refund, and pay the balance of the refund out to you.
The refund (minus our fee) will be paid directly into your nominated back account.
The only exception is when an IR3 is being filed for landlords, or if an IR3 is required which will not result in a refund. These returns will be invoiced prior to work being completed.

What happens next year?

We work proactively to get you the refunds you deserve.
We will be in contact with you at the end of each tax year to get your tax refund to you as fast as possible.
You can contact us anytime if you want us to stop preparing your tax returns.

Why is my refund different to what was calculated on my tax return?

The refund you receive in your bank account will be different to the refund calculated on your tax return.  
Usually, the only difference will be that our fee will have been deducted from your refund.
Very occasionally, Inland Revenue will use some of your refund to pay off other arrears.  For example, some of your tax refund may be used to repay old child support debt or old student loan obligations.  Inland Revenue are entitled to do this, and there is nothing we or any other tax agent can do to stop them.




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